Remembering Raja Fayad

Facebook aids weight loss

Sarah Hales, Charis Davidson and Brie Turner-McGrievy determine that support from social media engagement leads to greater success during the maintenance phase of a weight loss program.


McKeown reveals new insights for ADHD

McKeown’s studies examine ADHD prevalence and symptom trends in new ways; analyses include longitudinal data and accommodate resource limitations and the application of different diagnostic criteria.


Spreading the science of healthy soil

Buz Kloot, environmental health sciences, uses storytelling and videography to disseminate emerging agricultural practices with two YouTube series: Soil Stories and Under Cover Farmers.


Frongillo receives Sackler Research Award

Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior Chair Edward Frongillo received $50,000 from The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science to examine pregnancy and nutrition in Harare, Zimbabwe.


Building expertise on hearing loss in children

With three recent publications and new funding for a longitudinal study, COMD’s Krystal Werfel is quickly growing her expertise on preschoolers with hearing loss who are learning spoken language.


Student loan debt linked to mental health

Katrina Walsemann, Department of Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior, examines the relationship between student loan debt and mental health: more debt equals more depressive symptoms.

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