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Gabrielle (Brie) Turner-McGrievy, Ph.D., M.S., R.D.
Assistant Professor

Department of Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior
Arnold School of Public Health
Discovery I Building, 552
915 Greene Street, Room 529
Columbia, SC 29208

Phone: 803-777-3932
Fax: 803-777-6290
E-mail: brie@sc.edu

Curriculum Vitae

2009, Ph.D., Nutrition, Gillings School of Global Public Health,University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill, NC.
2000, M.S., Human Environmental Science, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL.
1996, B.Phil, Interdisciplinary Studies, Miami University, Oxford, OH.
Emerging technologies to create health behavior changes
mHealth and eHealth
Vegetarian and vegan dietary approaches in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases
Diet quality and assessment
Obesity prevention and treatment

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