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Susan  E.  Steck  PhD, MPH, RD
Associate Professor

915 Greene Street, Rm 236
Discovery I Building
Columbia, SC 29208

Phone: (803) 576-5638
Fax: (803) 576-5624
Email: ssteck@sc.edu

Curriculum Vita

Biographical Information:
1999 Ph.D. in Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1997 M.P.H. in Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1992 B.S. in Mathematics/Honors Program, University of Notre Dame

  • Nutrition and cancer epidemiology
  • Gene-diet interactions and cancer risk and survival
  • Health disparities in cancer outcomes
  • Carotenoids and cancer
  • Biomarkers of dietary exposure
Inflammation-Related Genes, Dietary Inflammatory Index and Colorectal Cancer, Target PI: S. Steck, 06/01/2010 05/31/2011.
Courses Taught:
Masters Seminar (EPID 745)
Cancer Epidemiology (EPID 746)
Doctoral Seminar (Epid 845)

Selected Publications:

Refereed Papers:

Quintiliani, L.M., Campbell, M.K., Bowling, J.M., Steck, S., Haines, P.M., and DeVellis, B.M. Results of a Randomized Trial Testing Messages Tailored to Participant-Selected Topics Among Female College Students: Physical Activity Outcomes. Journal of Physical Activity and Health. 7(4):517-26, 2010.

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Book Chapters:

Steck, S.E. Cruciferous Vegetables and Their Components in the Prevention of Breast Cancer. In: Ronald Ross Watson and Victor R. Preedy (ed). Bioactive Foods and Extracts: Cancer Treatment and Prevention. Taylor and Francis Group, LLC, 2011.

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