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Arnold School of Public Health
University of South Carolina
921 Sumter Street
Columbia, SC 29208

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Bo    Cai  Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Discovery 1, Room 460
915 Greene Street
Columbia, SC 29208

Phone: (803) 777-5053
Fax: (803) 777-2524
Email: bcai@sc.edu

Biographical Information:
Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Auckland, NZ

  • Semiparametric modeling, longitudinal analysis and latent variable modeling
  • Survival analysis and spatial modeling
  • Computational statistics, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods and sampling methods
  • Applications: child health and environmental health

  • Research:
    Ongoing grant:
  • Robust nonparametric methods and random effects selection for clustered dental data
  • (NIH, PI: Cai and Bandyopadhyay)
    Role: PI
  • Latent structure modeling of small area health data
  • (NIH, PI: Cai, Lawson and Hossain)
    Role: PI
  • Long-Term Lung Health After Exposure to Chlorine Gas
  • (NIH, PI: Svendsen)
    Role: Co-PI
  • Methods to detect maternal exposures and child outcomes
  • (NIH, PI: McDermott)
    Role: Co-PI
  • A Longitudinal Study of ADHD
  • (CDC, PI: McKeown)
    Role: Co-I

    Courses Taught:
    BIOS 700 Introduction to Biostatistics
    BIOS 701 Biostatistics Concepts and Methods
    BIOS 757 Intermediate Biometrics
    BIOS 770 Longitudinal Data Analysis
    BIOS 820 Bayesian Biostatistics and Computation
    BIOS 822 Statistical Methods in Spatial Epidemiology

    BIOS 745 Seminar in Biostatistics (guest lecture)
    BIOS 790 Independent Study
    BIOS 798 Public Health Practice
    EPID 802 Advanced Analytical Methods in Epidemiology (guest lecture)
    BIOS 890 Teaching Practicum
    EPID 890 Independent Study
    BIOS 899 Dissertation Preparation

    Selected Publications:

    2006 - present

    Cai, B. and Meyer, R. (2009). Bayesian semi-parametric modeling using mixtures for stratified survival Data, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. In press.

    Cai, B., Lawson, A. B., McDermott, S., and Aelion, C.M. (2009). Variable selection for spatial random fields predictors under Bayesian hierarchical spatial model, Statistical Modeling. In press.

    Lawson, A. B., Song, H., Cai, B., and Hossain, M., Huang, K. (2009). Space-time latent component modeling for geo-referenced health data, Statistics in Medicine, in press.

    Bottai, M., Cai, B., and McKeown, R. E. (2009). Logistic quantile regression for bounded outcomes, Statistics in Medicine, in press.

    Cai, B., Dunson, D. B., and Stanford, J. (2009). Dynamic model for multivariate markers of fecundability, Biometrics, in press.

    Cai, B. (2009). Bayesian semiparametric frailty selection in multivariate event time data, Biometrical Journal, in press.

    Cai, B., Meyer, R., and Perron, F., (2008). Metropolis-Hastings algorithms with adaptive proposals. Statistics and Computing 18(4), 421-433.

    Meyer, R., Cai, B., and Perron, F., (2008). Adaptive rejection Metropolis sampling using Langrange interpolation polynomials of degree 2. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 52(7), 3408-3423.

    Cai, B. and Dunson, D.B. (2007). Bayesian Multivariate Isotonic Regression Splines: Applications to Carcinogenicity Studies. Journal of the American Statistical Association 102, 1158-1171.

    Chen, A., Cai, B., Dietrich, K., Radcliffe, J., and Rogan, W.J. (2007). Lead exposure, IQ and behavior in urban 5-to7-year-olds: Does lead affects behavior only by lowering IQ? Pediatrics 119(3), 650-658.

    Cai, B. and Dunson, D.B. (2006). Bayesian Covariance Selection in Generalized Linear Mixed Models. Biometrics 62, 446-457.

    [Last update: January, 2009]

    • Bayesian semiparametric regression methods for interval-censored data. ICBayes1.0 (manual). To be updated soon.