Raja Fayad, MD

Associate Professor
Director of Integrative immunology of inflammation and Cancer Laboratory

Department of Exercise Science
Arnold School of Public Health
921 Assembly Street
Columbia, SC 29208


2014-present, Associate Professor University of South Carolina

Memberships: The American Association of Immunologists
American Gastroenterological Association
Chicago Association of Immunologists
Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Columbia IBD Support Group/SCGA


My Integrative immunology of inflammation and Cancer Laboratory studies the role of chronic inflammation in cancer development in animal and human models. I am studying a specific protein produced by adipocytes called adiponectin in the development of cancer and chronic inflammation in adiponectin deficient animals. Also, I am interested in studying the role played by specific cytokines produced by adipocytes in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohns and ulcerative Colitis. Specifically, my laboratory is focusing on identifying the role of leptin and adiponectin in stricture development in Crohns disease. Another area of interest in my research is clinical studies characterizing the role of obesity and specific micronutrient in the clinical outcome of IBD and colon cancer.


Current Research
- Role of Selenium in chronic inflammation and colon cancer prevention
- SPARC effect on colon cancer during moderate exercise
- The effect of adiponectin on mucus production during colon cancer development
- The role of quinoxaline di-N-oxide DCQ therapy hypoxic region of colon cancer models
- Adiponectin effect on systemic inflammation and glucose metabolism during western diet consumption


EXSC223 Anatomy and Physiology I- Credit hours: 4
EXSC224 Anatomy and Physiology II- Credit hours: 4
EXSC620 Nutrition and Immunology- Credit hours: 3
HN318 Genetic, Molecular and Cellular mechanism of Diseases- lecture on cardiovascular disease
EPID744 Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology- lecture on atherosclerosis complications
EXSC777 Endocrinology of Exercise and Health- lectures on neuroendocrinology and gastrointestinal physiology
EPID 746 Cancer Epidemiology- lecture on fat, inflammation and cancer
ENHS793 The Human Microbiome- lecture on gut microbiota and health.


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