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Exercise Science News Archive

Youth activity in decline
April 12, 2013
Dr. Russ Pate served on a national committee that has released a report on the decline of physical activity among youth. The report makes strong recommendations to improve activity levels.
Exercise Science Major Receives Gilman Scholarship
March 20, 2013
Second-year exercise science major Ashley Ramberger received the Gilman scholarship to fund her study abroad experience in Italy.
Does brain chemistry sway political vote?
February 20, 2013
In a CBS News interview, Professor Roger Newman-Norlund reports on a study that shows people's brains are wired differently and that can shape political views.
Keeping the faith
February 5, 2013
A study involving AME churches has found that churches are important link in helping people improve health. The FAN study by Dr. Sara Wilcox finds churches inspire changes.
A chance to save a life
December 2012
19-year-old Exercise Science student and Army ROTC cadet, Austin Luera, donates bone marrow to save the life of a child.
How active are U.S. youth?
November 13, 2012
A grant from the National Cancer Institute will be used to develop a "self-reporting" measure for young people. Arnold School researchers want to better understand their physical activity.
I highly recommend that you view Dr. Ken Powell's keynote lecture from the International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health that was held in Sydney, AUSTRALIA in November 2012. It is one of the most thoughtful, informative, and thought provoking lectures I have ever heard. -Steve Blair
Exercise science professor recognized
October 16, 2012
The ACSM selects Dr. Russ Pate to receive its Honor Award, and, on Sept. 27, he received national attention for his work on a new Institute of Medicine report on youth fitness.
Beattie Recognized for Excellence in Writing
September 13, 2012
Physical Therapy professor Dr. Paul Beattie is this year’s recipient of the Jules M. Rothstein Golden Pen Award for excellence in scientific writing.
Addressing obesity epidemic
August 22, 2012
"Challenges," a documentary from the HBO series "Weight of the Nation" will be shown Thursday, Sept. 6, in the PHRC auditorium and will include a panel discussion by local experts.
A 'model' runner
August 22, 2012
Arnold School alumna Natasha Hastings barely missed the cut for the 2012 Olympics. But she's looking ahead to 2016 and also to her modeling career with Wilhelmina Models.
Using Olympics to Focus on Exercise
August 7, 2012
The prestigious journal The Lancet focused its July 18 issue on exercise in a bow to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Dr. Steve Blair is a co-author on one of the studies.
On the world stage
July 18, 2012
Dr. Steve Blair carried the Olympic Flame in the Torch Relay for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. He ran into Bill Clinton, too, and is attending international conferences.
On to Olympics
July 18, 2012
Dr. Cathy Arnot of the Arnold School's Physical Therapy Program was selected to serve on the medical staff for the Olympic Games in London. She will work with USA Shooting team.
Among the best
June 22, 2012
Arnold School alumna Courtney Forcucci was among the divers in pursuit of a place on the 2012 U.S. Olympic Diving Team. The diver is known for athletic, academic excellence.
Move to reduce hypertension
May 23, 2012
Study by Robin Shook, doctoral student in Department of Exercise Science, finds that moderate exercise, increased fitness can significantly reduce risks for high blood pressure.
EXSC graduate students earn top SEACSM Awards
March 29, 2012
At the recent Annual Conference of The South East American College of Sports Medicine, Arnold School graduate student researchers bring home top honors!
Sleep study under way
March 12, 2012
Are you sleeping too much? About average? An Arnold School research program is seeking participants between the ages of 60 to 80 for a study on the health effects of sleep.
A run for the Olympics
April 23, 2012
Dr. Steve Blair has been named a Torchbearer for the 2012 Olympic Games. On July 11, the Arnold School researcher will be in Reading, England, to carry the Olympic Flame.
Studies garner attention
February 20, 2012
The editor-in-chief of an ACSM journal singles out two articles by Arnold School researchers for important findings on the link between physical activity and mental health.
Good news for health
February 20, 2012
For Americans battling the bulge, there's good news in a new study by Dr. D.C. Lee of the Arnold School. And a health message by Dr. Steve Blair is reaching people on YouTube.
New PRC director named
January 25, 2012
After a national search for a new director, the Arnold School has selected Dr. Sara Wilcox to lead the CDC-funded PRC that promotes physical activity through community engagement.
Exercise Science student, Magellan Scholar
January 25, 2012
EXSC undergraduate student conducting research this semester with Arnold School faculty.
A future in global health
December 15, 2011
Kirby Lattwein came to the Arnold School after serving in the U.S. military. She recently received a study abroad award to help fund her studies for a career in global health.
Arnold School faculty receive top awards
December 15, 2011
Dr. Steve Blair is honored for academic success, contributions.
30 years later

December 6, 2011
Arnold School faculty continue to be at forefront of HIV/AIDS education and prevention.
Want to live longer?
December 6, 2011
Arnold School researchers find that improving or maintaining fitness may lead to a longer life. Their study appears in "Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.
Activity: A social norm
December 6, 2011
Global health leader Dr. Jeffrey Koplan, who presented the Vernberg Lecture, says the goal for a healthier America will occur when physical activity becomes the social norm.
Something to dance about!
October 26, 2011
Turn up the music! A study by Arnold School researchers finds that nearly 21 percent of U.S. adolescents say that dancing is part of their regular physical activity.
More reasons to move
October 4, 2011
Trim the waistline and energize the brain. A study by researchers at the Arnold School finds that regular exercise may be just the cure for many ailments, including mental fatigue.
Is long sleep harmful?
October 4, 2011
A $3.7 million grant from NIH to Dr. Shawn Youngstedt will study the dangers of long sleep. The five-year study will comprise researchers from Arizona, California and New York.
Move It! Day of Play encourages healthy children.
September 15, 2011
Arnold School is part of Nickelodeon television's World Wide Day of Play to help families be active, reduce obesity.
NIH grant awarded
September 9, 2011
Dr. Michael Beets has received an NIH grant to study nutrition, physical activity in afterschool and summer programs. He is partnering with the YMCA of Columbia on the study.
You make us proud!
July 29, 2011
A new alumnus continues research begun at Arnold School, and a doctoral student earns award for research on postpartum depression. Read more about their accomplishments.
Read all about us!
(August 22, 2011)
The research and teaching of two Arnold School of Public Health faculty have been highlighted in Web articles - read on for the profile of Exercise Science professor Dr. Sara Wilcox.
A new weight-loss buddy
(July 12, 2011)
The struggle to lose weight may be getting easier. A new Arnold School study has found that armband technology, incorporated into weight-loss efforts, gives people a boost.
What is causing weight gain?
(July 12, 2011)
A new study by Arnold School researchers seeks answers to why Americans aren't getting thinner.
Is work making us fat?
(May 31, 2011)
Dr. Steve Blair is co-author on a study, just published in the Public Library of Science, that examines the link between less physical activity in the workplace and obesity.
Awards honor achievement
(May 12, 2011)
Arnold School's Hooding Ceremony recognized outstanding achievement among master's and doctoral students.
Scholars recognized at Graduate Student Day
(May 15, 2011)
Exercise Science graduate students capture awards in oral and poster presentations during the university's annual Graduate Student Day competition.
Awards honor achievement
(May 12, 2011)
Arnold School's Hooding Ceremony recognized outstanding achievement among master's and doctoral students.
Stay in Balance
(April 5, 2011)
The Arnold School's popular Stay in Balance program for older adults focuses on injury prevention and is being copyrighted so that it can be used by community organizations.
Blair named Visiting Fellow
(March 23, 2011)
Dr. Steve Blair has been named a Visiting Fellow at Technische Universität München, where he will work with sports medicine faculty to analyze data and write manuscripts.
Sumter takes healthy steps
(February 14, 2011)
The Prevention Research Center's advocacy training program for community leaders in Sumter County is helping them take steps toward improved fitness, health.
Dr. Russ Pate speaks at National Press Club
(January 21, 2011)
A panel of leading health and medical experts, including the Arnold School's Dr. Russ Pate, addressed childhood obesity and mental health issues at Washington, D.C., meeting.
Do organized sports ensure activity?
December 6, 2010)
Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
includes editorial on youth activity levels in organized sports by exercise experts Dr. Russ Pate and Dr. Jennifer O'Neill.
Study in JAMA
(November 24, 2010)
A study in Journal of the American Medical Association finds that aerobic exercise, resistance training in combination improve glycemic levels for type 2 diabetes patients.
20th Anniversary of Exercise Science
(October 27, 2010)
A visionary move 20 years ago to establish a Department of Exercise Science at USC’s School of Public Health put Carolina at forefront of physical activity education, research.
Dr. Steve Blair receives appointment
(November 18, 2010)
Back from Stockholm, Sweden, Dr. Steve Blair delivers lecture at Iowa State University as the 2010 – 11 Dean Helen LeBaron Hilton Chair in College of Human Sciences.
Girls on the Run
(October 27, 2011)
An Arnold School graduate student is leading the Girls on the Run of Columbia – a national program to help girls in grades 3 – 8 become more physically active.
Grants focus on women’s health issues
(October 2011)
Faculty in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Department of Exercise Science have received grants for AIDS prevention, healthy weight among pregnant women.
GoodBodies Program wins NIH video prize
(September 16, 2011)
Arnold School wins contest created on Facebook by We Can! ® (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition) to help children and their families learn how to make healthy food, activity choices.
Arnold School a leader on national obesity study
(September 16, 2010)
Arnold School researchers, led by Dr. Russ Pate, are part of a national team of scientists who will study community programs that are aimed at reducing the childhood obesity epidemic.
Did you know?
(September 16, 2010)
USC’s Magellan Scholars program, lauded by U.S.News & World Report, includes Arnold School students and faculty; doctoral students earn national recognition; PRC arthritis study is under way.
Center gets $4.9 million for five years
(September 16, 2010)
A CDC grant will enable the Prevention Research Center to assess and expand physical activity programs for low-income minority residents living in parts of Sumter County.
Leading medical university honors Dr. Steve Blair
(September 7, 2010)
Arnold School epidemiologist and exercise scientist is the 2010 recipient of the Folksam Prize in Epidemiological Research.
A ‘very complicated issue’
(August 13, 2010)
In a quest to better understand the nation’s obesity epidemic, Dr. Mei Sui has received NIH funding for a study on the patterns of weight and activity change in adults.
Cast your votes now!
(August 13, 2010)
Every vote counts for Arnold School’s GoodBodies program, which is entered in a Facebook video contest sponsored by We Can!® (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition).
Study examines postpartum depression
(August 2, 2010)
An innovative study at the Arnold School will examine the benefits of using bright light therapy to relieve the symptoms of postpartum depression in new mothers.
Top honor for Dr. Paul Beattie
(July 2010)
Dr. Paul Beattie has been installed as a Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the American Physical Therapy Association.
Student-led study appears in New York Times
(July 2010)
The New York Times ’ popular Phys Ed feature has highlighted a study on men’s physical activity that was led by Tatiana Warren, a Ph.D. student in exercise science.
Study focuses on combat troops
(June 23, 2010)
Many troops who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan are battling another foe: post-traumatic stress disorder. An Arnold School study shows bright light therapy may help.
Durstine honored with ACSM Citation Award
(June 7, 2010)
The American College of Sports Medicine selected Dr. Larry Durstine as the recipient of its Citation Award, which recognizes contributions to the exercise sciences.
ACSM highlights study by exercise science student
(June 7, 2010)
Study on the link between cardiorespiratory fitness and stroke by John Siervedes, Ph.D. student in the Department of Exercise Science, is highlighted at American College of Sports Medicine meeting.
ACSM Grant Award recipient, C'iana Barker
(May 21, 2010)
Prestigious award will support Barker's doctoral research on the effects of transcranial brain stimulation on central nervous system fatigue.
Jamie McClellan is runner-up for ACSM Award
(May 20, 2010)
This year’s runner-up for the American College of Sports Medicine Nutrition Interest Group Award is Jamie McClellan, an Exercise Science doctoral student and Research Specialist.
Arnold School has key role in new activity plan
(May 4, 2010)
A National Physical Plan released May 3 in Washington, D.C., was coordinated by the Prevention Research Center and the CDC. Dr. Russ Pate led the committee’s work.
Stephen Chen, Summer Dissertation Fellow
(May 4, 2010)
Doctoral student in Exercise Science is one of four recipients of this year’s Graduate School Summer Dissertation Fellowship award for excellence in their doctoral studies at USC.
USC Educational Foundation honors faculty
(Arpil 29, 2010)
Exercise Science faculty members Dr. Sara Wilcox and Dr. Russ Pate are named recipients of top awards from the USC Educational Foundation during April ceremony.
Scholars recognized at Graduate Student Day
(April 27, 2010)
Exercise Science graduate students capture awards in oral and poster presentations during the university's annual Graduate Student Day competition.
Study continues on sleep apnea
(March 26, 2010)
Participants needed for CDC-funded study that is examining the role that physical activity has on reducing sleep apnea and its associated health risks.
A new Ph.D. and a new era for Carolina
(April 2, 2010)
Hired by Warren Giese, Dr. Russ Pate came to the University of South Carolina and became part of a new era as public health education was changing in South Carolina and the United States.
Physical Therapy Program reaccredited
(December 4, 2009)
Dr. Bruce McClenaghan says accreditation acknowledges the program’s strength, unique mission in delivering physical therapists to the health care community.
Arnold School is partner in new geriatric clinic
(November 30, 2009)
Palmetto Health and the Arnold School’s Physical Therapy Program have established a comprehensive clinic in downtown Columbia to study and treat mobility issues in South Carolina’s aging population.
Inaugural Student Bowl huge success
(November 19, 2009)
Keith Burns, Graham Jones, and Mike Stoudemire won the inaugural Exercise Science Student Bowl and will represent USC at the SEACSM Regional Student Bowl.
Doctoral students are research award finalists
(November 16, 2009)
Four doctoral candidates from the Department of Exercise Science are among the top ten finalists for six Southeast Chapter of American College of Sports Medicine Student Research Awards.
Diabetic undergrad recipient of scholarship
(September 9, 2009)
Exercise Science junior Heather Welch of Spartanburg is winner of Novo Nordisk award targeted for young people who have diabetes and play competitive tennis.
Davis wins Ed. Foundation Research Award
(April 27, 2009)
Cited for cutting edge work, veteran exercise science professor is the recipient of one of the university’s most prestigious annual prizes for research and scholarship.
Durstine returning to speak in China
(November 4, 2009)
During two week visit he will speak in four cities on "exercise as medicine" and "exercise management for persons with chronic diseases and disabilities."
Third edition of Durstine textbook released
(August 18, 2009)
ACSM's Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities offers both exercise and health professionals the latest research and applications for integrating exercise into the treatment of 49 chronic diseases and disabilities.
Pate to study exercise decline in children
(August 14, 2009)
He’ll seek answers to why physical activity levels decrease in many children during the transition from elementary to middle school.
Study finds no consensus on optimum diet
(July 6, 2009)
Writing in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Dr. Anwar T. Merchant reports that group of healthy Canadians tended to consume a moderate carbohydrate diet.
Arnold School study reveals benefits of quercetin
(June 24, 2009)
A study by Mark Davis shows that the powerful antioxidant/anti-inflammatory compound found in fruits and vegetables significantly boosts endurance capacity and maximal oxygen capacity (VO2max).
Carson to present at 5th Cachexia Conference
(May 25, 2009)
Dr. James Carson has been invited to present his recent research findings related to cachexia, a mystifying condition that causes full-body wasting.
Swimming can cut men’s risk of dying in half
(February 3, 2009)
Research by exercise expert Stephen Blair finds that swimming appears to be a healthy alternative to other kinds of physical activity including running and walking.
Web visitors rate Wilcox article in top 10
(Januray 13, 2009)
Among most influential articles about research effort supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2008, says group's research chief.
Sedentary behavior article awarded kudos
(December 2008)
Report by Dr. Russ Pate, and PhD students Jennifer O’Neil and Felipe Lobelo listed in 2008 Top Ten by Medscape, leading medical web site.
Public health principles help new mayor
(December 2008)
Mayor Elise Partin of Cayce says working at grassroots level is best way to influence people - and achieve political success.
Steven Blair honored by Heart Association
(November 2008)
Exercise science guru recognized for research that established benefits of aerobic exercise in establishing cardio-respiratory fitness.
Study to probe stroke and exercise links
(November 2008)
Dr. Steven Hooker’s $2.9 million, RO1 grant to look at effects of physical activity on stroke and cognitive decline.
The Department of Exercise Science conducted 24th annual ACSM Workshops
(August 2008)
The Department of Exercise Science hosted its 24th annual American College of Sports Medicine Health/Fitness Workshops.
USC Times - Student Speak
(Spring 2008)
Exercise Science, first-year doctoral student, Erin Rivers is one of the first-place winners from this year's Graduate Student Day.
EXSC professor awarded a VA Merit Award
(July 2008)
Shawn Youngstedt to study novel treatments for combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Exercise Science PhD student awarded grant
(July 2008)
Chris Kline is the recipient of a Public Health Research Dissertation Award from the Center for Disease Control.
James Carson receives RO1 for research
(June 2008)
The National Cancer Institute funded a four-year RO1 grant to examine the causes of severe muscle wasting caused by colon cancer.
Arnold School grants, contract income up over last year
(June 2008)
Exercise Science researches Russ Pate and Jim Carson pace increase with studies supported by NIH's R01 program.
Exercise Science researcher testing game technology's impact on balance and motor skills
(June 2008)
Physical therapist Stacy Fritz is part of a national game technology study researching the impact of popular game technology on stroke victims.
Pate recognized for four decades of work in field of physical activity
(June 2008)
Exercise physiologist Russ Pate is the recipient of the 2008 Science Honor Award presented by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.
ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor® Workshop and Continuing Education Workshop: Business Management for the Fitness Professional
(June 2008)
Register for the 24th Annual ACSM workshops.
Study about food for the body and soul
(March 2008)
Program headed by behavioral scientist Sara Wilcox is helping AME churches set eating, exercise guidelines, and practices.
Cardiovascular, balance and mobility programs being offered
(October 2007)
Students, faculty, staff and the public can participate in both efforts being offered by Exercise Science.
USC Times - Student Speak
(Fall 2007)
Exercise Science/Biology senior, Ethan Kenney ran 52 consecutive miles in November to raise money for the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA).


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