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Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Your Gift Counts: Support the Department of Environmental Health Sciences

The Department of Environmental Health Sciences continues to be one of the most active research and research-based learning departments at USC. We offer new and exciting opportunities in environmental health sciences that prepare our students for both academic and professional careers.

Environmental Health Sciences maintains active research programs in the areas of environmental quality, industrial hygiene, and hazardous materials management. With our move to the Public Health Research Center, we have expanded our department's impressive research portfolio to include an Environmental Genomics Core Facility.

We also maintain the strong tradition of significant collaboration with environmental and public health agencies and institutions.

The support of alumni and friends is very important to helping us continue to attract the best and the brightest to our program.

Environmental Health Sciences Department
Our goal is to ensure that the Environmental Health Sciences Department continues to attract the nation’s top faculty members, post-doctoral fellows and students. Your gift to our general department fund can help us continue our leadership position in the field of environmental health science.
Environmental Health Sciences Alumni Fellowship Fund

We recently established the Environmental Health Sciences Alumni Fellowship program. This fellowship program will support highly qualified students who are committed to making a difference in our field.

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Environmental Health Sciences Alumni Fellowship Fund.

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Henry N. McKellar, Jr. Endowed Fellowship

On December 3, 2011, the field of Applied Aquatic Science lost one of its pre-eminent leaders, Dr. Henry N. McKellar, Jr. For those of us who had the privilege of knowing Hank, as his student or associate, it’s a loss of a wonderful mentor and role model. But his work is not done. Aquatic pollution remains a threat to marine life and public health and therefore it is important that Hank’s work and passionate commitment to Applied Aquatic research be passed on to the next generation of researchers and industry professionals.

 That’s why a group of his students and friends have established the Henry N. McKellar, Jr. Endowed Fellowship, at the University of South Carolina. We invite you to join us in this effort to honor Hank. An endowed fellowship requires a fund of at least $25,000 and the first award cannot be made until one year after we have received gifts that achieve this minimum funding level.  Pledges or payments of gifts beyond that level will enable us to increase the size of the annual award and provide even more significant support for a graduate student seeking to follow in Hank’s footsteps.

With your help, our goal is to award the first fellowship in the spring of 2014. Your support is tax deductible and can be paid by check or credit card.  All you need to do is complete and return the enclosed pledge form.

In addition to your financial support of this effort, we invite you to share a story or memory you have of Hank.  We will compile these stories so they can be shared with the annual recipients of the Henry N. McKellar, Jr. Endowed Fellowship.
Thank you for your help in honoring this wonderful man and ensuring that his legacy continues.

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